The aim of AMR BUSINESS is quite simple:
to lower your purchasing costs, making food procurement easy and convenient.

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Introducing AMR BUSINESS


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Whether you are a chef dealing with suppliers and food purchasing, a retail store owner, a food distributor already dealing with major manufacturers, a restaurant chain buying from multiple suppliers or a sole trader selling from a stall, we can help you lower your food cost..

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  • - Pizza Sauce Plain 2550Gr
  • - Grana Padano Cheese DOP 1/32
  • - Ricotta Cheese 10Kg Bag
  • - Full Fat Soft Cheese 16Kg Block
  • - 70/30 Mozzarella Grated 6x2Kg
  • - 100% Mozzarella Balls 12x125Gr
  • - Prosciutto Cured Ham Sliced 500Gr
  • - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5Lt PET
  • - Vegetable Cooking Oil 20Lt Drum
  • - Frozen Lasagna Pasta Sheets
  • - Meat Lasagna Ready Meal 2.5Kg
  • - Fresh Truffles 30-60Gr
  • - Sturgeon Caviar 100Gr
  • - Chicken Breast Fillet Calibrated
  • - Pizza Flour 25Kg
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On the left you find some of the most popular products, click on "products list" on the menu above for a wider list.
If you can't find what you are looking for, call us on +44 (0) 2036034489 to discuss your requirements. More likely than not we will be able to supply it.
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